Hospitals in Sussex 'unprepared' for Lyme Disease

Hospitals in Sussex 'unprepared' for Lyme Disease
All laboratory tests have to be interpreted in the context of each patient and the stage of their illness, in exactly the same way as any other medical investigation. “It is extremely important that patients are reviewed properly by a medical …
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Lusaka woman threatens to sue Makeni Islamic clinic for isolating albino child
A medical practitioner must be able to provide services to anyone that walks in and not treat them like they are not human. My child is an albino yes but that doesn't mean he's any different from everybody else,” said Lumano. “I couldn't sue earlier …

Hamilton community medical clinic holds grand opening
Susan Reynolds is a nurse practitioner at Sapphire. She said when the clinic closed several years ago it left many patients without medical care at all. "The patients were without any primary care that they could afford," she said. The clinic offers …
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